About Us

Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky (SparKy) is local, nonprofit, no-kill, animal rescue based in Owensboro, Kentucky. SparKy began as a solely foster home-based rescue, but in 2022, we opened the doors of our brick and mortar rescue center. Many animals are still being housed in foster homes, as well fostered by inmates at the Daviess County Detention Center, but now our rescue center allows us to grow our rescue in new and exciting ways.

SparKy is true “no-kill” rescue! Members of SparKy strongly believe in saving lives, and go to great lengths to protect animals. No-kill rescues will ONLY euthanize an animal if it is recommended by a veterinarian due to illness beyond providing the animal a good quality of life, or due to severe behavioral issue, such as extreme aggressiveness, which places humans and other animals at risk. SparKy will do everything in its power to save the life of animal!